Saturday, April 17, 2010


my life is crazy. I think I like it that way. TBD.

I got hired at J. Simms Agency in San Diego for a summer internship.
I leave soon. Like really soon. And then I don't come back until August.

I was voted Vice President of Digital Communications for PRSSA at UVU...holleratchya.
Anything for a resume.

Started running again. This was very short lived. Maybe this had to do with running 5 miles
when they told me to do 2. Whatever.
They are making me wear a Kobe Bryant calf sleeve.

Started packing up my new address is Slate Canyon Storage Units.

Since beginning to pack up said stuff, I no longer have television. Trying to not get distracted during finals...instead I stay up til 2am watching The Marriage Ref on Hulu. GOOD STUFF.

If not on Hulu, I am playing Words With Friends. Never not playing Words With Friends.
Maybe I shouldn't play this game--some of said friends only play four letter words.
I don't think any less of you, promise. Kind of.
Other friends, that will remain unnamed probably cheat at WWF.
Raj is a word? No. He is the guy at 7/11.

Did NOT run in the Salt Lake marathon, and neither did Megan.
My leg is still a bum, and she missed the sign up date.
The universe obviously did not want Megan to compete without me.
Our friend Janae however, did run it. In 3:20. First in her age group.
We did the math...that's a 7 1/2 min/mile folks.
She's insane, and my new idol. (just kidding, I still think the church is true.)

Went and got my hair cut with Megan and Benita in Pleasant Grove at our friend Hilary's...and simultaneously learned that PG smells because there is a poop plant there.
When they stir it, it smells. Go figure.

Facebook in fact, makes terrible suggestions. It suggested I become a friend with my ex boyfriend's fiancee.
Facebook, get real.

Riding on beach cruisers with no gear shifts uphill is probably the equivalent of an hour long spin class.

Megan and I learned that our favorite Pizza Factory meal is approximately .50 cheaper on the lunch we go at lunch.

Arizona soft drinks are only .78cents. Crest is $1.38.
If we lived in Arizona, we'd be approximately 50% richer.

I still love teeny bopper music. JoBros, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber have dominated my summer playlists three years in a row. Who cares?

My bestest Beth comes into town to graduate this week. I love her. One day, we will own houses in the same cul de sac.

I somehow managed to escape doing laundry for the past four weeks. The last time I did it was right before New York, and then the consecutive weekend trips didn't help.
(My life is really really hard.)

the best thing I've ever read six times is featured here.
Subscribe to his blog, and then get him a job. You won't be sorry.

Finals are coming up. Again.


  1. AHHH!! How did I not know you had a blog until now!! I read every single post and laughed so hard!!! I am officially your number one stalker now. You are so nice!! Thank you for all the sweet comments about the marathon. I am serious about doing San Diego together! First of all what is your words with friends name? I love that game. Second of all Marriage ref rocks. Thirdly, I am going to PF lunch with you sexy ladies next time. Fourth,congrats about PRSSA at UVU you are amazing!! Fifth, I just realized I don't have your number..... and that makes me sad. Mine is 9496329773. Text me so I can have yours. You might have to screen me during the summer when I don't stop texting/calling because you will be gone so long!!!!

  2. Thanks for the plug roxy dear. I'll miss you dearly this summer. Ponder over the summer my dream to be a Hutchens.