Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

february is okay

my new job has kind of kept me from blogging. that, or the fact that I've been more sickly than I ever have in my life. found out yesterday that it's bronchial/viral pneumonia. a new antibiotic, inhaler and $200 later I'm feeling just about the same. awesome. nothing says "I'm sickly" quite like an inhaler.

speaking of which, the new job has been a dream. I am a big girl now, keeping big girl hours which means I can't stay up til 3am watching The First 48 or Kim & Kourtney Take New York (if you haven't watched these, watch them. they are SO addicting).

I'm the brand new marketing director at Pinnacle Quality Insight in Salt Lake, and so far I am loving it. it is the perfect amount of design/branding/writing/freedom/facebooking that I could ever ask for. more to come on that later. I even asked why they decided to hire me out of all of their way more qualified candidates (taboo? maybe. I just needed to know.) I start traveling next month, excited to rack up those frequent fliers. who wants to see me?

valentine's day was way more eventful and nice than I thought it was going to be, because it included dinner at Carrabba's and these beauties. bless his heart.

and today was a lovely surprise, as it always is when I get to see my favorite nephews, and best older sister in the entire world. met them for cafe rio, fought over house dressing, and loved every minute of it. she makes good bebis.

P.S. iPhone made it safe and sound to me last Tuesday. iGot it. iLove it. iRecommend it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

if the shoe fits

you know what they say...if the shoe fits, buy it.

I feel like this winter may not be particularly wet or filled with tons of snow, but it's definitely colder than I remember some of these winters being. actually, for sure it is. I used to wear flip-flips until I absolutely could not wear them anymore, and that day came in October last year.

because of this small fact, I've had to buy even more boots. my feet are always cold, never not cold. thanks to the Nordstrom shoe expertise of Miss Richelle McGuire, I brought home my very own Corso Comos on Tuesday.

I think I may have FINALLY found a place in Salt Lake City. it is this very darling house, with these very darling girls, and one of them just so happens to be mine and Andre's friend Heather. right near capitol hill, the house was renovated, and then taken over my anthropologie. my bedroom is ginormous, two sinks in my very own bathroom, and a walk-in closet. we celebrated by eating noodles at Charlie Chow's with Fishkins, Heather, Andre', Richelle, Todd, Adam, aaaand Adam's friend. sorry, I can't remember your name.

Andre' and Fish are so cute together, don't you think? twins. besties. Andre' is jealous I'm moving to Salt Lake.

Sidenote: I realized last night at dinner that when I move to Salt Lake, I will live the furthest I ever have from Andre' in my life, all 24 years of it. (minus his Argentine mission, which re-surfaced yesterday on Facebook. don't think I missed much...)

my iPhone is ordered, and will be here in 6 days. NEXT THURSDAY! which is just fine with me, because the Blackberry that I thought was done acting up keeps freezing. if you can't get a hold of me, I'm not ignoring you, I just can't answer. unless I am ignoring you.

speaking of things happening next week, my new job starts Monday. am I nervous? excited? I don't know. I don't really feel ready for a grown up job, and I just keep thinking to myself, I hope I know what they're doing.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my toes are froze

Seven. seven degrees. feels like, -5. every year, winter comes to Utah. and every year, I am surprised that I have lived here in these types of conditions for four years. am I even required to leave the house in these types of conditions? because I don't want to.

also, just barely saw a runner outside, 12:30am in Provo. regardless of what time of day, or what time of year, someone is ALWAYS out for a run in Provo. kind of absurd. very predictable.

the brad bachelor. week 5.

- Brad, you're wearing a vest.

- glad Shawntel is still holding onto that running/jumping into his arms thing. don't hurt him.

-all of a sudden I want to go shopping in Vegas.

-I can't stop thinking about how she sees dead people.

-how is she all of a sudden someone he can see himself spending the rest of his life with? isn't this their first one on one date? where did she even come from?

-I hate that purse. but I wish I had it anyway.

-brit- what are you wearing? the cap? a white fuzzy robe?

-was it necessary for shawntel to have to get ready in the hotel with everyone else looking on and hating her even more?

-"I really want to take this time to tell him that I stuff dead people."

-I would probably recommend never using the words "orifices" or "vein drain" on a first date. or any date. or at dinner.

-brad: way too many hand gestures. say what you mean. use your words.

-flip-flops and a fendi dress. that's cool I guess.

-what is Brit doing here? how does she keep getting invited to these dates?

-the Ashleys are friends?

-Las Vegas is NOT looking good on Michelle. zits...fuzzy hair.

-Ashley H., please let me fix your eyebrows. I have a license.

-Brit, loving the neon outfits and white KEDS.

-Michelle is crazy.

-not sure if I could love Emily any more at this point.

-"I swear, I'm usually fun!" emily you are darling. I pick you.

-can she even see over the steering wheel? is this safe?

-Alli has the worst attitude. gross.

-"we all have problems, we all have issues" oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you lost a spouse.

-bad body language Brad. so glad Emily put him in his place. you are old.
Emily manned up, you need to.

-lots of drinking...a lot of emotional highs...and lows...

-whoa. the L-bomb. gross.

-too bad Brad and Michelle can't have a normal conversation...oh, good makeout instead.

-Ashley H. big forehead. bad hair. bad eyebrows.

-Ashley S. baby voice. really annoying baby voice.

-"I'm always trying to convince someone to be with me." I get that. I do. hits home a little bit.

-the extraordinary wife comment for somebody else hurts a little bit. be sensitive brad.

-Ashley H. did not seem half as sad as Ashley S. said she would..wait. punched. in the face. and in the heart.

-Brit only wears neon. never not wearing neon.

-what intense connection? I don't see it.

-the Elvis "Lonely Tonight" montage is almost as painful as Taylor Swift Pandora radio after a breakup. almost.

-your first instinct may be to close yourself off Brad, but straight to the therapist isn't much better. enough with the life coach.

-I feel bad for giving her this much attention, but Michelle is straight crazy. the lap dance was cool though, and not even trashy.

-dang. cute notes don't work, and get you sent home. note to self.

-team Emily.

Monday, January 31, 2011

oh mondays

sidenote: this is my last monday as a kiddo. I grow up next week, and will be working every monday, probably for the rest of my life. 7 more days.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

iNeed this

I don't have a really good track record with phones, but I'm not ready to take full responsibility. maybe when I'm 25.

my phones have had a history of dying some pretty tragic deaths, may they rest in peace. more recently, I have gone through two blackberries in the past four months, and to the same thing: it just decides to stop working.

yesterday, I picked up the phone to text an ex, and the phone broke in my hands. I'm going to go ahead and take that as a sign.

the screen is frozen, I'm due for an upgrade, and Verizon isn't letting me have the iPhone until February 10. that is 4 days, 12 hours, and 45 minutes from now.

that's a long time to go without a phone.

Friday, January 28, 2011

salt lake city slickers

so with a new job starting in salt lake, I have been looking non-stop for housing up in that area. I just had no idea what an event that would become. first I realized this, I wasn't in provo anymore.

thursday morning I drove up to meet Sandra, owner of a home off of 800 east near the U.

Sandra had to have been in her mid 40's. at least. a part-time snowboard instructor and full-time interior designer, Sandra was nice enough. but so old. and so wrinkly. and even had to get a new kidney last week, bless her heart. she was falling apart, as was the house. charming enough on the outside, but the house was built in 1908. you can put cute, eclectic pieces all you want but it does not a new house make. I didn't really feel like it would be a good fit. thanks anyways. and come to think of it, she kind of reminded me of Yzma.

next, I went to go see a cute and quaint one bedroom, one bathroom near s. temple. I'm not going all emo and I'm not about to get a cat, I just like to have my space. and it looks cute, right? definitely thought it had potential.

I met Andy at these cute remodeled apartments downtown, and was immediately afraid for my life. nestled right in between an organic cafe and a very large construction site with very large machines, was my potential new home. as we were walking into the building the very large crane started working and the whole building began to vibrate. p.s. I have edited the following for our younger readers.

Andy: what the f is that? are you f'ing kidding me? the whole f'ing building is shaking! this is tripping me out, for sure.
Rox: ......
Andy: are you sure you wanna live here?! I'm not even sure I would move in. is this an f'ing joke? but this place is wicked awesome, like the tenants are so cool. you know the head chef of this restaurant lives here...I even have people say that they come home like at 3am and there's a guy drinking a beer in his underwear. but they weren't complaining, they were just like, this is awesome.
Rox: ......

at this point I was really less than thrilled, not to mention the apartment smelled like a smoked out port a potty.

last hope: a townhome in daybreak with a 34 year old girl named shiloh. and her diaper-weraing lhasa apso named jake. I don't really have anything else to say.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

brain dump

I'm almost back to normal. 103 degree temperatures, pneumonia, kidney stones.
it was a roller-coaster of a week, touch and go there for awhile, but the doctor says he thinks I'm gonna make it.

I've never watched so much TV in my life, Netflix was the best thing that ever happened to me. Not to brag, but I watched four seasons of Keeping up with the Kardashians, one season of Kourtney and Khloe take Miami, one season of Heroes (turns out I'm not that into sci-fi), two seasons of Hoarders, two seasons of Pawn Stars and one season of Cake Boss. I wasn't sleeping much, turns out I was too sick to sleep. I had my kidney stone on Tuesday and it was the worst.

I really can't stand the "?" at the top of the screen, but can't make it go away. help me.

turning 24 tomorrow. not excited. good news, the guy at the grocery store thought I was 12.

grocery store guy: so when are you graduating from school?
me: in the spring
grocery store guy: oh that's awesome, do you think you're gonna go to BYU
me: ummm. no, noooo...I'm graduating from college
grocery store guy: REALLY?

I'm 12. I look like I'm 12. class of 2011, hollerrrrrrr.

I'm hired. after being full time unemployed for over two years, I am a workin' woman. starting February 1 in Salt Lake City, I will be working as a marketing coordinator over the visual arts of the at home learning division at the waterford research institute. what up grown up life.

sidenote: that means I'm moving to Salt Lake. if you know of any normal girls looking for a normal roommate in SLC, let me know. I'm tired of people requiring me to be gay friendly.

so glad the Bachelor is back, what a blessing.

black eye Michelle is straight crazy, and it turns out she cheated on her husband with Carlos Boozer. gross. I don't normally condone violence, but if one of those girls did punch her, I'm totally on board. She is a psychopath.

Chantal O. is sometimes pretty, but wears way too much makeup. And Brad, "I've been waiting soooo long to take Chantal on a one on one?" In Bachelor TV time it's been a total of like eight days. Maybe its like EFY and it feels like so much longer than the week you're there. Chantal wins though when she points out that Michelle's date card doesn't say "love" in it. hilarious.

Emily is a true gem, I'm not even sure that Brad deserves her, and I'm so sad for next week's episode. So traumatic. I'm just glad the vampire is gone. and Jake is slower and dumber than I remembered.

following the kidney stones, I was diet coke free for over one week. not only was it not an option, it didn't even sound good. now, I can't stop thinking about them. good idea or bad idea?

Monday, January 24, 2011

I want this...

I'm obsessed with teensy little jewelry, and this necklace is no different. my friend Shauna is giving away a gold state necklace on her blog, and if you don't win one, you should buy one at the Saylor Rose etsy shop, because I have seen them and they are darling.

the question is...home means nevada? or texas on my mind?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

puppy police

so while out on a sunday night drive, richelle and I were driving on 800 S in orem, sipping diet cokes, minding our own business and having a sunday night chat about all the normal things,

richelle: I feel like we're really fun, smart, outgoing girls, why can't we just hang out with ourselves?
roxanne: we're gonna make awesome wives.
richelle: I know, I just can't seem to convince anyone else how awesome we are.
roxanne: I'm gonna find myself.

next thing we know, we almost hit a golden retriever. richelle flipped a u-turn, put the hazards on and pulled the car over. I hopped out of the car and chased the dog down the street. before you know it, we had a 100 pound dog in the backseat of the subaru.

we fed him canned chicken, gave him water, named him comet and tucked him in the for the night. turns out it was the first taste of motherhood for richelle, who woke up hourly because of the pup's whining.

we woke up and took him to the animal shelter: saddest thing you've ever seen.

if you're wondering, he's wearing a scarf. we didn't have any other way to walk him.

we cried after dropping him off at the puppy prison.
most. traumatic. experience. ever.

for all of us.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my body hates me

I'm not really sure how else to tell you this, so I'll give it to you in chronological order.
P.S. TMI? I don't care.

Saturday night: nausea, vomiting, sharp stomach pains.

Sunday: more nausea, and sharp stomach pains result in a trip to urgent care and the ER.
after being accompanied by megan, benita, richelle, andre', chelsea, lola,
ryan rodriguez and ryan spencer (I really just think they wanted out of church), and
five rounds of fanta tasting barium, an IV and an MRI
we ruled out appendicitis, but sent home and on painkillers. lovely.

Monday: nausea, no more stomach pains, and a temperature of 103.

Tuesday: diagnosis, kidney stones. that was the good news. bad news was a lovely chest
cough that I have developed on the side.

Seriously? WTF.

I'm not a sickly person, so the only logical explanation is that
my body refuses to turn 24 next week. it just won't have it.

also, WebMD is really not giving me anything here, so if you have
any ideas, feel free to leave me some love. you could save my life.

but if you plan on attending my funeral instead, I prefer calla lilies.

Monday, January 10, 2011

coconut kills...

it's a new year, one of goals, resolutions, and before I can do that-
I need to get something
off of my chest.
someone almost died my last day of finals in class,
and I'm pretty sure I was responsible.

I walked into my last final with a friend, and as we passed this girl
on the front row, she immediately got up and ran out of the room.
chaos ensued after that.

people started filing into class, asking frantically:
who is wearing coconut?! she is allergic, and having an attack.

what was I supposed to say?! it was me? how was I supposed to know?
it wasn't me, it was THIS.
and then, it got worse. people started sniffing other people out,
and they narrowed it down to our corner. "I think it's coming from over here."

all I could do was sink lower in my chair, and use pink grapefruit antibacterial to rid myself of the smell.

the girl never came back to class. and it was all my fault. so miss coconut allergy, it was me. and I sure am sorry you missed that final. but kind of not sorry, because coconut smells delicious, and you weren't exactly wearing a sign.

alabama, arkansas...

home is wherever I'm with you...