Wednesday, April 21, 2010

cookie monsters

I love my nephews more than any other nephews in the whole entire world. This is a very bold statement. But it's true.

I didn't realize how much I missed these little faces while they were out of town for two weeks until Andre' and I went up to Jaclyn's for dinner on Sunday.

Since Andre' and I are trying to get rid of every single crumb in our cabinets before we both leave for the summer (seriously, where did I pick up some of this food? I will never ever eat that box of pasta roni. let's be honest.), Andre' brought up his baking remnants to make chocolate chip cookies with the boys. So many things wrong with this scenario.

(don't worry, Ethan's actually not angry. this is his "cheese" face.)

1. Andre' in the kitchen--not cooking, but baking.
2. two little boys under the age of 3, cooking with their cookie illiterate uncle.

There was flour everywhere. Andre' had the white powdery stuff all over his shirt. Aidan wanted to do everything, Ethan wouldn't stop eating the cookie dough, although he was very willing to share.

these cookies are way too big. a few casualties, and then Andre' gave up all together and made pizookies. (is that what they're called?)

we love each other.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


my life is crazy. I think I like it that way. TBD.

I got hired at J. Simms Agency in San Diego for a summer internship.
I leave soon. Like really soon. And then I don't come back until August.

I was voted Vice President of Digital Communications for PRSSA at UVU...holleratchya.
Anything for a resume.

Started running again. This was very short lived. Maybe this had to do with running 5 miles
when they told me to do 2. Whatever.
They are making me wear a Kobe Bryant calf sleeve.

Started packing up my new address is Slate Canyon Storage Units.

Since beginning to pack up said stuff, I no longer have television. Trying to not get distracted during finals...instead I stay up til 2am watching The Marriage Ref on Hulu. GOOD STUFF.

If not on Hulu, I am playing Words With Friends. Never not playing Words With Friends.
Maybe I shouldn't play this game--some of said friends only play four letter words.
I don't think any less of you, promise. Kind of.
Other friends, that will remain unnamed probably cheat at WWF.
Raj is a word? No. He is the guy at 7/11.

Did NOT run in the Salt Lake marathon, and neither did Megan.
My leg is still a bum, and she missed the sign up date.
The universe obviously did not want Megan to compete without me.
Our friend Janae however, did run it. In 3:20. First in her age group.
We did the math...that's a 7 1/2 min/mile folks.
She's insane, and my new idol. (just kidding, I still think the church is true.)

Went and got my hair cut with Megan and Benita in Pleasant Grove at our friend Hilary's...and simultaneously learned that PG smells because there is a poop plant there.
When they stir it, it smells. Go figure.

Facebook in fact, makes terrible suggestions. It suggested I become a friend with my ex boyfriend's fiancee.
Facebook, get real.

Riding on beach cruisers with no gear shifts uphill is probably the equivalent of an hour long spin class.

Megan and I learned that our favorite Pizza Factory meal is approximately .50 cheaper on the lunch we go at lunch.

Arizona soft drinks are only .78cents. Crest is $1.38.
If we lived in Arizona, we'd be approximately 50% richer.

I still love teeny bopper music. JoBros, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber have dominated my summer playlists three years in a row. Who cares?

My bestest Beth comes into town to graduate this week. I love her. One day, we will own houses in the same cul de sac.

I somehow managed to escape doing laundry for the past four weeks. The last time I did it was right before New York, and then the consecutive weekend trips didn't help.
(My life is really really hard.)

the best thing I've ever read six times is featured here.
Subscribe to his blog, and then get him a job. You won't be sorry.

Finals are coming up. Again.

Friday, April 9, 2010

easter bunnies wear stretch pants

This past weekend was so fun.
Since I haven't been in town one weekend in March, why would I start now? It has been crazy.
New York. Check. San Diego. Check. Arizona. Check.

I got back from San Diego with Brittany realllly late Monday night, and then left after class on Thursday for Gilbert, AZ. We all piled into Benita's car
(Benita driving, Megs in the front seat, and Court, Lola and I in the back).
All snuggled in.

We left around 5:30pm and arrived in Paige, AZ just around 11pm I think.
We stopped other places, but Paige gets an honorable mention because Maverik provided us with the most delicious ice cream cones EVER.
That's right Benita. EVER.

(Benita insisted on wearing a snuggie the whole time. It was really weird.)

I may or may not have purchased Hot Rod for $7.99 too. That's a steal.
We pulled into Gilbert around 2am and I don't remember much after that...
until we ate lunch on Friday at Oregano's.

Okay. New favorite restaurant. Megan and I have our staples...but if Oregano's was here I'm sure it'd be one of them.

Soups, pizzas, salads, wraps, BBQ wings, garlic bread, and the largest Diet Cokes I've ever seen in a glass. With free refills and to go cups.
Oregano's: Where Sizes Matters. Seriously.

And here is where we picked up our friend Dustin. So nice to have you.
I know Court was grateful.

Later we went and did some verrry light shopping at the mall, picked up a few things. Matching boyfriend sweats from Victoria's Secret...not a big deal.

then to Swirl It...not sure why but I'm never going to be sick of frozen yogurt or new yogurt places. There are so many. Red Velvet and Pistachio really hit the spot.

Following frozen yogurt, we went to go see Miley Cyrus star in "The Last Song".
Oh my Nicholas Sparks. What would we do without you?
Except...Miley is terrible. She couldn't stop making this stupid face.

(I googled "Miley's stupid face in Last Song". So glad I found this)

Otherwise good though. Predictable, sappy, slightly depressing with a happy ending.
All of my favorite things. Not to mention, Liam Hensworth is DARLING.
I could look at him all day.
Too bad he's a 90's baby. Otherwise we might have a legitimate chance.

Following the most amazing day ever, and all of my favorite things, we played games at Megan's sister's, Lindsay's house. I laughed. Really hard.

"Benita has sagged into last place..."
"Ballerina. Why didn't you pick mine? I put that down, and you DID."
"When I think of Roxanne I think of stretch pants..." Nice Court.
"I don't trust Asian women."
"Red Rover? I would have picked that."
And Run Ruck Run is sweeping the nation...

Saturday we watched the first session of conference. Or at least tried.
TV fail. The channel wouldn't work so we watched it on Megan's bebis Mac screen.

No better way to cheer ourselves up than poolside tanning while it's snowing in Provo.
85 degrees in April. I WILL move somewhere warmer after I graduate.

After a few hours of soaking up some much needed sun, we went back to get ready and met up with the boys after priesthood session for dinner at Brio. Again, so good.

They played more games...I studied for a Free Expression test.
I don't really want to talk about it.

I don't think I can recall a time where I have been so excited about Easters.
I love the candy, love the decorations, love conference...but actually getting excited about Easter has been a while for me.

Megan's family has a tradition for Easter where they attach kite string, A LOT of kite string to your easter basket, and hide it somewhere in or out of the house.
We all have the same starting point, and it was a little bit like Mission Impossible for the first 20 minutes.

Benita went up the slide. Court went across the counter.
I fought with Patches the cat outside for my string.

It was seriously as exciting as Christmas. I hope the Smiths and Barneys don't mind when I steal this for my own kids. Actually, Megan's and my kids will probably be doing it together.

Love them. And I will miss my besties so much this summer.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

you deserve to be ultimate punched

1. ward prayers turned firesides without us knowing
(seriously, tell us to bring the diet coke and popcorn, I would not have been as mad)

2. yozone taking away our frozen yogurt sampling agency
(they really do come around the counter and ask you which one you'd like to sample. were they really losing that much money in yogurt shots?)

3. airport buddies - the kind who think just because you sit next to them means you must be interested.

4. waking up at 5am to train clients. (that's for megan. I would never)

5. airport food.
dear delta and southwest airlines, peanuts and half a diet coke does not a meal make.
why must you take the honey out of honey roasted? the salted are just not that good.
times are tough you guys. we're in a recession.

6. cats

7. walking around a soggy campus, and approximately three classes in feel as if you've actually waded through a medium sized pond.

8. tapping

9. heavy breathing dorito eaters in the testing center

10. road bikers

11. standardized tests