Thursday, April 1, 2010

you deserve to be ultimate punched

1. ward prayers turned firesides without us knowing
(seriously, tell us to bring the diet coke and popcorn, I would not have been as mad)

2. yozone taking away our frozen yogurt sampling agency
(they really do come around the counter and ask you which one you'd like to sample. were they really losing that much money in yogurt shots?)

3. airport buddies - the kind who think just because you sit next to them means you must be interested.

4. waking up at 5am to train clients. (that's for megan. I would never)

5. airport food.
dear delta and southwest airlines, peanuts and half a diet coke does not a meal make.
why must you take the honey out of honey roasted? the salted are just not that good.
times are tough you guys. we're in a recession.

6. cats

7. walking around a soggy campus, and approximately three classes in feel as if you've actually waded through a medium sized pond.

8. tapping

9. heavy breathing dorito eaters in the testing center

10. road bikers

11. standardized tests


  1. I completely agree with #1. Next time he gets up in church for anything but a talk I will get up and walk out. Great kid, means well, etc but my hell 30+ minutes is not a spiritual thought. Not to mention back in 1955 it was a literal fireside.

  2. Yozone doesnt do anything to me. I try them all each time and eat at least 3 gummy worms for free each time I go.

  3. Thank you for giving me my own personal ultimate punch. I feel so much better now.