Tuesday, November 16, 2010

brain dump

I can't help it, I am terrible at blogging. I always read others blogs though,
so it makes me feel like I don't need to call dear friends like Shauna Lewis because
I constantly feel like I've just been updated on what's new in her life.
(not an excuse.)

I seriously can't wait to be done with school.
Glory glory hallelujah.
Taking 18 credits your senior year is not recommended.

I still have no job- esthetics in Utah is mostly a joke.
You people are cheap. I have had one appointment in two months.

I love having Andre' in my ward, and having Holly close.
Nothing like having family nearby while you're in school.

I went to Disneyland two weekends ago, haven't been forever.
I loved it. For so many reasons. If I ever move to LA, I will be a season pass holder.

It's getting cold in Utah again. I shouldn't be able to complain,
seeing how it is the middle of November and we haven't even REALLY seen snow,
but I hate it. I do not do well.
My North Face fleece and my UGG boots are
going to be the only thing you see me in until next year.
Too bad Bethers isn't here to be hating winter with me.

I have not gone shopping, even once this semester.
Okay once, and I bought these gems:
I don't regret it at all, and I wear them with everything on the days I'm not wearing my UGGs.
I cannot wait to have a real grown up job with real grown up paychecks.

But just because I'm not shopping does not mean I'm living under a rock.
I could really use these items:

I've really gotten back into chicken soft tacos from Del Taco recently,
not sure why but I think they are really really good.

I miss my friends, even though most of them live in the same complex as me.
Amazing how that seems so far sometimes. I could really use
more of them in my life. Also, I want to be back here:

I can't stop watching two movies:

1. How to Train Your Dragon
2. Sleepless in Seattle

How had I never seen How to Train Your Dragon before? That movie is hilarious, action packed, and an all-around good time.
Aidan and Ethan can't stop quoting it:

Aidan: "I have beefy arms! I have beefy eyes!"
Ethan: "Ha. ha. Beeth eyes!"


It is almost the holidays. Richelle has been lighting her christmas candles,
has her tree up already, and has been listening to N'Sync Christmas on Pandora.
It makes me want to be home with these crazy peeps:

And it's a fact that I have the cutest nephews inthe entire world. Seriously.


  1. I bought some hunter boots last month because it rains all the time here...

  2. uhhh. who is 'these crazy peeps' you're talkin' about? 'Cause you only showed a pic of hunter and mom... what about the rest o the family huh roxanne?