Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas miracles.

I have so many things to be grateful for all of the time, but most particularly this season. My life has been so blessed this year, and continue to be astounded by the Lord's tender mercies. Andre', Holly, and I drove from Provo to Reno right after finals (Andre' basically left from the testing center, barf.) We didn't leave for Reno until about 8:30pm, meaning we arrived around 4:30MST. Long. And awful. And heavy fog the whole way. The only ones missing for Christmas are Jaclyn & Ben.We typically have weather similar to Utah, but it has been super cold here recently! We arrived in Reno to about 2 feet of snow on the ground, and hasn't melted yet. It wasn't exactly a white Christmas by the time Christmas finally got here, more like a grayish-blue.

Since being home, we've done nothing but eat, sleep, shop, and watch movies. Even the 'rents stay up until 2am visiting and chatting with us. I love being at home with siblings. Carmen has gotten verrrry savvy with that DVR, and has taken the opportunity to DVR all of her favorite shows, including 6 episodes of TLC's Cake Boss recorded for us when we got home. Thank goodness. We watched those with her in a hurry.


We also went to go see the new movie Avatar (Andre', Holly, Hunter, Samantha, Carmen, and myself). Sort of like Fern Gully meets Dancing with Wolves meets Surrogates. So weird. And about 2 1/2 hours too long.
Robbie: this movie was NOT "epic".

But fun to watch anyway. I splurged on large popcorn and Diet Coke. Always tastes better at the movies. Tuesday night was Blindside, round 2. I loved it just as much the second time. And on a second note, Andre' thought it would be fun to have a "Harry Potter" marathon every night since we've been home. I'm not sure why everything turns into a marathon, but at least we know he can't do anything halfheartedly.

Christmas Eve dinner was supposed to be Thai, but they happened to be closed. We've postponed until New Year's. Instead, we had lobster, crab cakes, green beans, lion house rolls, and baked potatoes. So good.

On a last note, I LOVE being at home with family during the holidays. We are so blessed to have the home and room to have all of our family stay, as well as tacking on two more families of 4 and the missionaries this year. That brought the Christmas Joy total = 24. It wouldn't feel like Christmas unless it was a full house.

Back to Provo on the 5th...


  1. I love you Roxy pants! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you guys!

  2. all i want in the world is to someday be a part of a Hutchen's christmas adventure miracle.