Thursday, December 17, 2009

semester in review.

this semester was awful. it's over now. as of 5:00pm.
I can't believe it's christmastime. christmas always sorts of sneaks up on me with finals and everything, summed up by the sign on the library door:

"god rest ye merry gentlemen...after finals. until then, we're open until 2 a.m."

freak. they do not mess around. last night was my last
night of studying for finals. holly met me at the library with a $5 pizza from little caesar's. food is not allowed in the library, so we decided to stick it to the byu security man. we wrapped the entire pizza in paper towels, put it in my backpack, and brought it inside. it was delicious. the bad part was when I drowned my phone in pink strawberry gatorade. it was phone number genocide. nothing could be saved. that's my second phone this year. we're leaving to go home tomorrow, finally!
here is the list of things I am grateful for, and tha
t got me through this heinous semester:

1. best find: hanes v-neck teesthese little gems really saved my life. 8.99 for a back of 5 at Target or WalMart, and fit just like the American Apparel regular v's. I wear them to bed. I wear them to school. I wear them to the gym. (not all the same shirt guys. I change in between) These have been such a huge part of my life, my blog title was inspired by them. And also a little bit by Megan, who greeted me "oooooh haaaanes" when approaching her at the gym. the best/worst moment of my life when I realized I should probably stop wearing them so much.

2. cheapest pick-me-up: crest diet cokes

okay everyone. I need to have a diet coke everyday, and I am okay with that. there are worse things, they kept me awake, and comforted my soul.

3. most convenient breakfast: Fiber One Bars / Zone Perfect Mint Chocolate Bars

I ate these for breakfast, it'd be very safe to say everyday. they are delicious. and 9g of fiber.

4. quickest fix: shampowder dry shampoo

this dry shampoo can be picked up at target for a measly $15. it works wonders. and I guess what I'm trying to say is: I didn't have a lot of time this semester. including always washing my hair. so sue me.

5. best laughs: seinfe
ld dvds

I own seasons 1-9. for those who don't know, that's all of them. I don't really watch them anymore, but like to listen to them while I'm studying. and by listen, I mean quote them to myself and laugh like I made the joke.

6. always good, never not good: subway 6" veggie on wheat

let me just say first, that there are a lot of things wrong with this picture. I HATE meat sandwiches. there is something very strange about meat on bread. texture or something. so this is not an exact depiction of what my lunches every tuesday-thursday look like. (the other pictures looked disgusting, you should be thanking me for searching for this gem.) I probably spent a lot of money there this semester, but it was worth it. plus I went with my gorgeous sister Holly right before our crazy reporting class started. by the end of the semester they knew our orders. not my brightest moment.

7. best read: the hiding place

I read this book for the first time in highschool, but it's so good. I started reading it again about a month ago, after my Dad decided to gift all of his kids a copy. so good. I promise, if you haven't read it, READ IT. you will not be sorry.

8. best jams: semester in a playlist

1. Meet Me Halfway (Black Eyed Peas) good job Ferg.
2. 3 (Britney Spears) catchy. especially when my 3 year old nephew sings it.
3. I Can Transform Ya (Chris Brown) I think he's pist about Rihanna.
4. Down (Jay Sean)
not my fave, but inevitably became the theme of the semester with a 1/4 chance it was going to be on the radio.
5. Body Language (Jesse McCartney)
6. I Look So Good (Without You) (Jessie James) totally girl power. it was a phase.
7. Who Says (John Mayer)
8. I Got You (Leona Lewis)
9. Lollipop (Lil Wayne) guilty pleasure. creepy voice. never gets old. thanks meg.
10. Blame It On The Girls (Mika)
11. 1901 (Phoenix) whole album is amazing.
12. She Wolf (Shakira) awooooooo
13. Marching On (Timbaland & One Republic)
14. (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To (Weezer)
15. Motownphilly (Boyz II Men) throwback to my first cd I ever owned.
16. Lean On Me Remix (Swisha Cutz)
17. Bang! Bang! (The Knux) best running song ever.
18. Haven't Met You Yet (Michael Buble) okay I might still be in the phase. plus this song is darling.
19. You and I (Ingrid Michaelson)

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  1. all of your favorite things are myyyyy favorite things...
    I'm so glad you're done with finals! I'll miss you SOOO much this next few weeks!! Love yer guts! xoxoxo