Wednesday, December 16, 2009

my happenings as of late,

I'm not a blogger. I'm convinced I have nothing interesting happening, and if it does happen it happens with this lady, and gets written on her blog. But I don't keep a journal. So I'm trying this as an alternative.

Today, I'm studying for finals. As I have been for the past week. For those wondering, I'm alive. For those who didn't notice, good riddance. I took 18 credit hours this semester. I probably won't do it again. I don't know much about numbers, but don't think that it's been a good ROI.

Today, I went to In-N-Out with James Sukhan. As if that weren't fun enough, there was nowhere to sit. (Utahns have taken this In-N-Out thing a little too seriously, and the line has been out the door since it opened last month). We decided to take up seats next to a lovely couple named Don & MaryAnne. They assumed James and I were we decided not to argue. A short excerpt from the conversation went as follows:

Don: "So how did you cute guys meet?"
James: "Well, that's an interesting story. Roxy?"
Me: "Funny you should ask. About three years ago, in the same ward, he was dating my good friend."
MaryAnne: "Oh, how is
your friend?"
Me: "Oh, just lovely. She's fine."
Don: "How long have you two been in love?"
James: "She actually doesn't know we are yet...I was going to tell her at Christmas."
Don: "Ohhh..I'll make sure n
ot to mention it."
MaryAnne: "Are you guys dating?"
James: "Not yet."
Don: "Look at how darling she is. Why aren't you dating her? You'd better snatch it up before someone in your ward does."

James: "I know, right? Look at how the sun is hitting her hair. She looks like a Christmas miracle."

It was amazing. I love having the opportunity to meet new people and find out their stories. Right now, my sister Holly and I are in the library on campus. Story of our lives...with an extreme case of giggles. It's probably not that funny. I hope she knows how much I love her, and it's been so fun to have her on the same campus as me all year!

And to sign off, here is an amazing way to sum up how I feel. Good work Danielle.

{my prayer}
Now I lay me down to study,
I pray the Lord I won't go nutty.
If I should fail to learn this junk,
I pray the Lord I will not flunk.
And when I lay me down to rest,
I pray I'll pass tomorrow's test.
If I should die before I wake,
that's one less test I'll have to take.


  1. Dear Roxies...ummm...
    Your blog is adorable.
    You posted...yay!
    I can't wait for finals to spit you out, cause they've swallowed you up WAY too much.
    I LOOOOOOVE you.
    That is all.
    xoxoxo meggers

  2. bahahah i love it! thanks for the shout out :)
    p.s. i love blogs, so happy yours has been discovered.
    p.s.s. i saw that little riddle somewhere, tried to remember it, don't know if i got it right & added my own twist so i can't take FULL credit.
    Have a WONDERFUL Christmas pretty!

  3. Roxy you are hilarious! I love you! Nice prayer too...I love it.