Friday, December 24, 2010

home for the holidays

I really love being home. Today, we had a perfect Christmas day,
including, Christmas shopping, and lunch with the girls.

Followed by, running errands with mom, and
card games with the family.

Carmen and I share a room now. Actually, I just don't have one.
So she is nice enough to share hers. We stay up late and share
facts like: did you know that emus and elephants can't walk backwards?
followed by: no. did you know that rhinoceros beetles are the strongest animals
in the world, because they can move 350 times their own body weight?

Yes, we are nerds, and share a bond of loving animals.
I love my little Mowgli.

I love our home always, but especially at Christmas. My mom
is so cute, and works so hard so that everything is just perfect
for her kids to come home.

she fancies her nutcrackers, I've counted at least 9. this one, is life sized.

and my most favorite room in the house! christmas tree, scripture reading,
game-playing, multi-functional fun place to be.

and Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a list. Elizabeth's includes some things
I probably should have asked for this year.
she's really got her head on straight.

my list only says: JOB.

Santa, seriously. Please.

You've got 2 days.


  1. I want your family to be my family. My siblings are all gone this year. I need a marriage into your family by Christmas 2K12, so be thinking about that.

  2. I LOVE our home and our family! Mom does such a great job decorating!

  3. Roxanne. about the facts. haha to be exact when i or you i did not know that, we would say, "no, i did not know that." HAHA