Monday, January 10, 2011

coconut kills...

it's a new year, one of goals, resolutions, and before I can do that-
I need to get something
off of my chest.
someone almost died my last day of finals in class,
and I'm pretty sure I was responsible.

I walked into my last final with a friend, and as we passed this girl
on the front row, she immediately got up and ran out of the room.
chaos ensued after that.

people started filing into class, asking frantically:
who is wearing coconut?! she is allergic, and having an attack.

what was I supposed to say?! it was me? how was I supposed to know?
it wasn't me, it was THIS.
and then, it got worse. people started sniffing other people out,
and they narrowed it down to our corner. "I think it's coming from over here."

all I could do was sink lower in my chair, and use pink grapefruit antibacterial to rid myself of the smell.

the girl never came back to class. and it was all my fault. so miss coconut allergy, it was me. and I sure am sorry you missed that final. but kind of not sorry, because coconut smells delicious, and you weren't exactly wearing a sign.


  1. bahahahahahahahaha!!! good thing she didn't die, or this probably wouldn't be as funny

  2. Roxy you are always causing problems! JK! I know you were embarrassed but for her that should be pretty embarrassing too!

  3. do you REALLY want her to go around wearing a sign that says "hey, i'm deathly allergic to coconuts"?

  4. okay... I could be wrong. I'll also admit to being wrong about this. but gut reaction = that that girl was totally faking; she just wanted an excuse to get out of her exam. there is no way your lotion gave her that bad of a reaction - she would have died a long time ago if every time someone wore coconut lotion she had to leave the room. drama freaking queen.

    and I love you


  5. is it bad and weird to say i love this story??

  6. I feel like a bad person but as I was reading this I was cracking up! haha! I miss you Rox!!! Diet coke date?? Try not to kill anyone today!

  7. oh my gooooooooosssssshhhhhhhh. i was so like 'oh my goooooosssssshhhhhh' when you were telling jaclyn and mom at home. but i still is pretty funny... :P dont kill anyone though roxanne! love you