Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my body hates me

I'm not really sure how else to tell you this, so I'll give it to you in chronological order.
P.S. TMI? I don't care.

Saturday night: nausea, vomiting, sharp stomach pains.

Sunday: more nausea, and sharp stomach pains result in a trip to urgent care and the ER.
after being accompanied by megan, benita, richelle, andre', chelsea, lola,
ryan rodriguez and ryan spencer (I really just think they wanted out of church), and
five rounds of fanta tasting barium, an IV and an MRI
we ruled out appendicitis, but sent home and on painkillers. lovely.

Monday: nausea, no more stomach pains, and a temperature of 103.

Tuesday: diagnosis, kidney stones. that was the good news. bad news was a lovely chest
cough that I have developed on the side.

Seriously? WTF.

I'm not a sickly person, so the only logical explanation is that
my body refuses to turn 24 next week. it just won't have it.

also, WebMD is really not giving me anything here, so if you have
any ideas, feel free to leave me some love. you could save my life.

but if you plan on attending my funeral instead, I prefer calla lilies.


  1. I passed a kidney stone once. It was horrid. Absolutely horrid. I hope that really isn't the case.

  2. roxanne! oh my gosh! dont talk about that funeral that way! uncle jerry said that you should get this procedure thing done on you. its where you sit in a tub and docters put sound waves in the tub, and that turns the stone into fine pepper-like sand, and then you can pass it! and it doesnt hurt! but you have to pay dough like any other thing. but it will be worth it! love you. i hope you feel better! muah