Wednesday, February 16, 2011

february is okay

my new job has kind of kept me from blogging. that, or the fact that I've been more sickly than I ever have in my life. found out yesterday that it's bronchial/viral pneumonia. a new antibiotic, inhaler and $200 later I'm feeling just about the same. awesome. nothing says "I'm sickly" quite like an inhaler.

speaking of which, the new job has been a dream. I am a big girl now, keeping big girl hours which means I can't stay up til 3am watching The First 48 or Kim & Kourtney Take New York (if you haven't watched these, watch them. they are SO addicting).

I'm the brand new marketing director at Pinnacle Quality Insight in Salt Lake, and so far I am loving it. it is the perfect amount of design/branding/writing/freedom/facebooking that I could ever ask for. more to come on that later. I even asked why they decided to hire me out of all of their way more qualified candidates (taboo? maybe. I just needed to know.) I start traveling next month, excited to rack up those frequent fliers. who wants to see me?

valentine's day was way more eventful and nice than I thought it was going to be, because it included dinner at Carrabba's and these beauties. bless his heart.

and today was a lovely surprise, as it always is when I get to see my favorite nephews, and best older sister in the entire world. met them for cafe rio, fought over house dressing, and loved every minute of it. she makes good bebis.

P.S. iPhone made it safe and sound to me last Tuesday. iGot it. iLove it. iRecommend it.


  1. San Francisco. visit San Francisco.

  2. I had to make a desperate attempt to see you somehow…poor us never see you anymore and it makes me really sad! We love you Xan and are happy for you and the new job you have though. You with an inhaler was a hilarious picture…so thanks for that!

  3. i am jealous you are a grown up... today i threw it down work.. haha.. not really, but i told them how i feel i am at a dead end job.. and i need to either know there is room for growth, or i am out of there kind of thing.. ha!!

  4. UPDATE YOUR BLOG! please :) <3 U! miss you.