Monday, May 17, 2010

magical L.A. weekend

this weekend was FANTASTIC.
I was making fun of Shauna for her verbage this weekend--but it really was nothing short of magical.
I loved the whole thing. Hard to do when I'm missing my besties this much.

Friday, I went to the Padres game at Petco Park with my friend Nick. For those of you who don't know me that well,

(A. I'm not sure why you're reading this, but glad to have you 2. I just want to get to D, and D. please tell me who you are, I don't hate comments.)


something verrrrrry all-American about this sport. I may be a jersey chaser. But maybe I'm a jersey chaser because that's how much I love the sport. We will never ever know. I am very supportive. Somebody can be very attractive, but put them in a uniform and it's really quite pathetic. My heart melts.


Chase happens to be a very attractive 2nd baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies.
Here he is in his uniform.

Here he is without it.
(still attractive, but not nearly as appealing. no offense Chase. I would still take you.)

It's not science people.

So Nick and I went to the game, and it was amazing. I loved it. We did everything you're supposed to do at a baseball game.

We ate peanuts. We drank cokes. We ordered hot dogs. We yelled "BEAT LA" to all of the drunks sitting around us. We provoked Dodger fans. We stood up and sang in the seventh inning stretch. So so fun. And in case you didn't realize from my last post how close I work, I will show you again.

this will not be my last baseball game.

Saturday I was a little unsure about how my weekend would unfold, so I talked to my very good friend Shauna, who is hilarious, living in L.A., and who you should be friends with here.

She convinced me the 122 mile trek was not too far to see her
(even after driving 600 miles LAST Sunday, and commuting everyday to work), and that I would not be sorry. I must really love this kitty.

So I drove to L.A. Saturday afternoon to find kitty in her sweatpants moving all of her stuff from her apartment. She failed to tell me she was using me for my car and my Mexican arms that have been lifting 20 lb weights with my very own personal trainer.
(read her good stuff here)

I wasn't even mad though. I love this little lady dearly and would do it again in a heartbeat.
Plus she called me a tender mercy.

We moved all of her stuff into a very difficult to reach storage unit (it really was like PacMan), only to find that we had to Tetris-ize her stuff to make it fit in the 4 x nothing unit that costs more than some Provo rent.
It's Los Angeles.

Ate some Chipotle, as every hard-working Mexican should, and then went and met up with Shauna's and my now friend (I Facebook confirmed) Peter.

We had the most amazing dinner at this place called "Gjelina"--a Mediterranean style restaurant on Abbott Kinney Blvd., a super trendy area of Venice Beach. We ordered some kind of pasta (mini), a margherita pizza, and fries.

Thank goodness our very odd waiter who refused to speak reminded us that they're called "Frites".
Peter: And an order of french fries.
Waiter: oh you mean frites.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart even ate here together in December. Tender.

We put our names in around 9 p.m., and didn't even get seated until around 10:30 p.m, which was okay because we got to see the BEST PART OF LA. The Venice Beach canals. It was so cute all lit up at night, which made it difficult to take good pictures. And it made it into the movie Valentines Day, and Because I Said So (according to Shauna, I've never seen either.)

We went back to Peter's house, watched SNL, and laughed really REALLY hard at this SNL short--

REALLY late Saturday night I was able to visit with my friend Justin Morgan from high school. He's living down in L.A., and just finished up his second year of law school at USC. Love him. He is darling.

Sunday, Shauna and I went to church, and then sipped Diet Cokes while driving around the bendy roads of Beverly Hills and sang to old country songs. Like "I Want A Man That Stands Beside Me" by Jo Dee Messina, and "That Summer" by Garth Brooks. Man, those are good.

Favorite part:

Shauna: Kitty, I am so so glad you are here.
Me: I was part of your past life, but now I am here!
Shauna: I know! Now you're in my present life too! That makes you relevant.

Finally, we went to get dinner at the Coral Tree Cafe, where it just so happens The Hills cast thought would be the perfect place to eat in the premiere. NBD.

And then I drove home.



  1. i love you. and i love everything about this post, especially how you said "its not science" because, well youre right...its not. hes hotter in a uniform. FACT.

    Come back now.

  2. this looks like so much fun!! i wish i was there with you! i'm coming asap.