Thursday, May 13, 2010

miss leslie ann

A little bit late of a post.

I love Mama Hutch. She is seriously amazing. Who else could raise 8 kids, who haven't killed each other, made it to college (Manta and Marmet don't screw up!), and all have strong testimonies of the church?

She has been through so much, in her own life, and in supporting her kids through their difficult trials. I have never met anyone as tender-hearted, caring, patient, and loving as her. All of my friends remind me how lucky I am to have her.
I sometimes hate that she has such a deep and caring heart, for she truly feels more than others feel sometimes, but I also know that her joy is also greater.
Happy is the heart that still feels pain Mama!

Our home has always been a place of refuge and comfort, for myself and for others--in no small part because of her. She always has a hug when I need it, she says the right things, and is a true testament of what it is to unconditionally love, and to have faith in all things.

This past week I had the opportunity to be home with family before moving to San Diego--and even though I haven't kept in great contact with high school friends, I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather hang out with than her.

Every time I go home I revert back to being 5 years old.

"Mom, what are you doing? Can I do that?"
"Mom, where are you going? Can I come?"
"Mom, what are you eating? Can I have some?"
"Mom, what are you watching? Can I watch that?"

Thanks for letting me help you, spending time talking on our lunch dates, shopping dates, sharing your food, getting me hooked on ridiculous television shows,
(If you haven't watched Ghost Whisperer yet, it's the only thing I've ever liked Jennifer Love Hewitt in. Watch it. It's ridiculous.)

and for letting me cuddle in your bed with you until it's way past any normal parent's bedtime.

Coming home to spend time with you is my favorite part about coming home. I miss you already.


Happy Mother's Day.

NOTE: also I realized after this post where I get my no-picture-taking-rule from.
Sibs: We need pictures of us, with mom, minus matching outfits ASAP. okay?


  1. i loved this. your mom really is so cute, kitty.

  2. Oh Xan you always make me laugh! How can we not help acting like a 5 year old when we go home and I have two kids too! I love our mom! And about pictures, I think we are actually all together about once a year which requires matching outfits! :) Love ya!