Wednesday, March 3, 2010

16 miles to the promised land...or to the orthopaedic clinic

so I have been training since January for a marathon.
this marathon.
Megs and I have been putting in about 30 or so miles every week, and
it apparently was a little too much for my little body.
this is what a stress fracture looks like on film.

there you have it people. this is what hard work looks like.
not much to look at it, but it hurts. a lot. we had our long run last week, 16 miles.
I felt completely fine afterwards! in fact, I felt great! don't get me wrong, I was tired. but no shin splints, no bruising, nothing but normal fatigue. I was fine Sunday, then Monday woke up
with some serious pain in my right ankle. I went ahead and ran as usual (outside, it was finally 50 degrees!) but the pain didn't go away. after expressing my concern to my mom and Megan (my two go to's), and my mom encouraged me to make an appointment, just to make sure I was okay to continue training.
I was hesitant to make the appointment, because I think I kind of already knew something wasn't quite right.

sure enough, Dr. McLane at the Sports Orthopaedic Clinic confirmed my worst fears.
A stress fracture and bone thickening of the right lower tibia.

I get to wear a very attractive brace, which means no skinny jeans for the next month. my logic may be a little flawed, but who cares?
I think I can still go to spin class, so I might try that, and lifting is still okay'd.

I go in for a bone scan on Friday...updates later.
I best be taking my painkillers and heading to bed.


  1. Nooooooooooooo. I'm still so sad about this. Don't say done just yet though! Also....I love that I'm a "go to." You know you're definitely one of mine ;) I love you so much roxies, and I'm so sorry!!! xoxoxo

  2. oh my xan! i am soooooo sorry. it will heal and you will get to run a marathon....someday! :)

  3. Roxy! You are so TOUGH! I need to be more like you. Love you!

  4. um, calm down. seriously. also, come visit me and page.