Sunday, March 14, 2010

ultimate punch

1. people that read out loud to themselves.
2. people who clap in movie theatres.
3. people who bring toddlers into said movie theatres after 11pm.
4. heavy breathing dorito eaters.
5. leprechauns.
6. UNLV fans
7. people that don't know how to drive and take it out on you by flipping you off.
maybe in the sunflower market parking lot.
8. double negatives.
9. washing your hair in the kitchen sink.
10. pedestrians
11. $1 blockbuster rentals that say they're free but actually still charge you a dollar. plus tax.
12. people who write "noone" instead of "no one" and "should of" instead of "should have".
you know who you are.
13. being seated in a party room at a restaurant when you're not there with the party.

things I do appreciate:


adds 10 minutes to my sleeping time and allows me to be on time to class.
this month anyway.

really useful when it is a blizzard outside, which brings me to fourteen.

14. 55 degree weather and then being kiboshed by a blizzard.

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