Tuesday, March 9, 2010

jack's birthday

On Sunday, we went to my aunt's house for dinner. She always has us over for birthdays, and cooks the most amazing food! Plus we can always count on having Texas Sheet Cake for dessert. Sooooo GOOD. This time it was Jaclyn's birthday.

Jaclyn is my oldest sister, and has been such an amazing example to me.
Not to mention she's built like a supermodel with legs for days and a perma-tan.
The girl is a straightup Cindy Crawford Lamanite.

She is the most incredible mom, sister, friend, wife, and everything I'd ever hope to be.
She never stops thinking of others, and is constantly concerned over others well-being.
Not to mention the most protective older sister ever. Which is awesome.
I love how capable she is of loving people, and being the first to be empathetic towards them.
Even though we haven't lived together in over ten years, I love how close we still are! I feel like
I could always call her for anything, and she'd put down anything to be there for me.

Not to mention she is the mother of the two most darling nephews in the whole entire world.
I'm not being bias. Look at them.
I credit her for actually making me want to (and think I might be able to!) be a good mother.

Jackie, you make crafts, I buy them.
I'm a shopaholic, but you wear the clothes like I never could.
(5'11" and 135 pounds after two kids? are you kidding me?)
you cook. I find good places to eat.
we probably couldn't be any more different, but I love that.

I feel like you make me a better person. I'm so glad you live so close, and that neither of us are going anywhere anytime soon. Your example and Christlike love mean everything to me.
I love you!

Happy 27th Jaclyn!

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  1. Rox you totally made me laugh and cry at the same time! To have a sister who even thinks so highly of me is an incredible feeling! I love you to pieces Xan and I totally want a copy of all these pictures!