Thursday, March 4, 2010

things I want to ultimate punch in the face

this has been building up in me for some time now.
there are more than a few things I cannot stand, and that I have more than once felt
an urge to ultimate punch in the face.
and so should you.

here are the things I would like to ultimate punch in the face.

1. obamacare
2. people that describe themselves as fun..but spell it out "F-U-N"
3. people that say "knock-knock" after they've already opened the door.
4. provo parking police
5. testing center fees
6. people who think it's funny to text you from a number you don't have saved and then refuse to tell you who it is.
7. the person who thinks they've been "chosen" just because they got called before you in the doctor's office.
8. "wowzers"
9. at home tai-bo
10. guys who lift together and yell, "you've got one more in you boss!" at the gym
11. professors and students who preach anti-byu propaganda at school. get over it.
12. 50 degree weather turned snow
13. dishes in the sink, and clean dishes being taken from the dishwasher without unloading it
14. people that eat tuna. and then leave the can out.
15. people who don't think Seinfeld is funny

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