Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I used to think I was a pretty well-rounded person.

Until I realized that I have addictions. It's not okay.

I am addicted to having a routine, addicted to Diet Cokes, a bebis bit addicted to shopping...

(the first step in breaking an addiction is admitting you have a problem. I take back what I said about the Diet Cokes.)

But the worst one of them all is that I am addicted to staying up late, for no good reason at all.

I will literally be struggling to keep my eyes open by 9pm, and instead of getting ready for bed I have a Diet Coke. Or frozen yogurt. Or both.

Every night, I brush my teeth first. And then I will check Facebook. Nothing good. Then I will put on my pajama top. And then I will be so tired I will sit back down and look at blogs. And then next is the pj pants. And then I lay across the bed and start watching Hulu. Parenthood..Modern Family...And then I'll get the stupid commercial about cat food, and then I get up and floss. projects. The possibilities really are endless.

This process literally takes me no less than two hours.


My eyes will be burning, and I will finally go to sleep around 2am.
I am always exhausted the next morning, never not exhausted.
And then I will do it again tomorrow.

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