Saturday, June 26, 2010

beckham who?

I'm really disappointed that the World Cup is over for me. For a number of reasons. Mostly because I'm so patriotic. Duh.

I knew that soccer players were muscular...athletic...good looking. But I've always thought that the soccer hotties were euro-centric. Or that no one would ever trump Becks.

Boy was I wrong. While watching the FIFA World Cup, something miraculous happened. My eyes were open to an entire new generation of deliciousness. Miss Shavs Lewis, we think alike.

I know I'm a sucker for a baseball uni, but let's be serious for a minute. Does it get any better than Carlos Bocanegra and Benny Feilhaber?

I ain't no fortune teller, but move on over Becks. We've got new boys in town, and I bet they look really really good in Armani underwear.


  1. oh hey boys...

    that pic of my boyf benny is my wallper on my comp.

    im NOT obsessed.

  2. You ARE hilarious! Super hot, I have to agree! ESPESCIALLY in Armani underwear!

  3. Hey, you don't know me but looks like you're friends with SHAVS. Maybe you can help... I paid her for a painting 7 mos ago and I guess she thinks she can just keep my money... not too happy about that!

  4. Mm! yuuuuuuuuuummy! i like Mr. Right.