Tuesday, June 8, 2010

things that really chap my hide

1. huntington beach law enforcement
what a douche.
2. people who read out loud while they're typing
3. couples who sit on the same side of a booth in a restaurant
4. the mercy rule in baseball and soccer, now also instituted in the baseball for wii
(why would you ever teach your children to stop playing when they're ahead, or to stop trying when they're behind? this is not the way the world works.)
5. Fat people told they are too big to use the gym
it never hurt any of the Biggest Loser equipment.
6. media trying to convince everyone that Sara Jessica Parker is "sexy" or any kind of attractive
also, Maggie Gyllenhaal. nothing personal Mags.
7. LA students being taught that the new Arizona immigration laws are "un-American"
(this coming from a Mexican)
8. Couples that find out they are siblings, and decide to still procreate
9. Lakers fans
*especially Lakers fans not from California
10. Students who ask inane questions to make themselves look smart, and end up prolonging the class period. You're not impressing anyone
Pre-law is not a major.
11. the use of "yer" in text messages.
Maybe worse than lol'ing.
12. talking ten minutes to a tele-prompter before you get to an actual employee
13. identity theft
14. old asian women texting while driving in their mercedes-benz
15. people you've met at least three times who refuse to remember not only your name, but having met you at all
16. robbery that is now considered to be ok, as long as it's perpetrated by a well-known umpire and the victim's last name is galarraga

As long as it ends up smoothed over with a new Corvette.


  1. i am so haappy that i found your blog... i love blog stalking... plus your blog is so cute... i want mine to be cute... you might need to help a sister out!!! i am coming back on suday... next week... beach?? i mean it!! you are practically a local now!! plus, you are like a grown up with your job.. i am kinda jealous

  2. I would have to agree with some of your "chap my hide" statements! Hahaha! You make me laugh everyday Xan…you are the best!

  3. Do numerous people in your life use "yer" in text messages? If not than you shouldn't be getting those anymore due to an agreement. I feel it's not worse than "LoL" or smiley faces, but "yer" IS kinda random and silly.